Survivor-Advococy and Behavioral Medicine Research

I wholeheartedly commit to bring together cancer survivor advocacy with translational behavioral medicine research!

In July 2013, which as also the beginning of my third year of a health psychology doctoral program, I received that call that most survivors vividly remember, “Mr. Durazo, you have cancer.”

I am gratefully fortunate to survive such experience. Also, becoming a survivor has inspired me to also become an advocate. I seek to bring together the experience and drive behavioral medicine research that could be translated into holistic care delivery and health communications that make common sense to cancer survivors.

In 2016, I received the honor to be acknowledged as a Survivor Advocate by the LIVESTRONG Foundation. As a result, I am honored to have been able to participate in the 8th Biennial Cancer Survivorship Research professional meetings, “Innovation in a Rapidly Changing Landscape.” #CaSurvConf